Dupro dosing system

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Now - a -days new generation DUPRO Dosing Systems packages employing advance technology and offering total reliability are available at your services.
DUPRO dosing systems s offer solutions to wide range of metering and dosing applications like : Oil, Gas, Chemicals, Water Treatment, Sewage Treatment, Effluent Treatment, Pulp and Paper, Sugar, Fertilizers, Power Generation, Personal Care, Pharmaceutical, Food, Dairy, marine , Detergent fields.
We can cater to your requirement for the complete skid mounted chemical dosing system.
Our experts are well versed in executing :
Liquid dosing, Mixing,Chemical preparation , Means of regulation, automation and control in liquid dosing and mixing
Dupro justifies complex systems meant for Dosing and Mixing with expertise in engineering and project management
Non-standard dosing pumps to meet the special requirements of specific applications. Dupro pumps constructed from various metallic and non metallic materials covers the capacity range from 100 ml / hr to 14,000 lph and discharge pressure up to 700 kg/cm ².
Dupro pumps can be crafted in simplex , multiplex, remote, jacketed , double acting or below type liquid heads with several type of valves combinations or any tailor-made versions.
Complete dosing and mixing systems ready to be installed on site.


Dupoly undertakes Design, Manufacture, Technical help, Viability studies detailing various processes involved in dosing systems such as :

• Water treatment chemical dosing
• Effluent - Sewage treatment chemical dosing
• Chemical - Solution preparation and metering package
• Corrosion inhibitor dosing
• Odorizing injecting systems
• Additive or catalyst injection package
• Hp-Lp dosing systems for boilers
• Polymerization additives
• Preparing -cleaning - disinfecting solution dosing for CIP

We rate safety first i.e that of people & plant while executing the projects containing the dosing of toxic, flammable or explosive and radioactive products, Hazardous area installations ,Processes in hostile environments: earthquake areas, marine environments, extreme temperature conditions, very high pressures, continuous use, etc.,


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